New build

Thornbury Crematorium

A speculative proposal for a new crematorium and funeral service facility in the greenbelt between Alveston and Thornbury. Designed in response to our own experiences of funerals; the building is a new concept, allowing access to a large communal cafe after the main ceremony.   Deliberate attention has been given to the processional nature of..

Thornbury Crematorium 4

The ceremonial hall reflects the roots of a tree, of returning to the earth. The floor curves gently towards the centre but high clerestory windows give views of the treeline beyond.

Thornbury Crematorium 2

Nature informs the fabric of the building, of its structure and of its atmosphere… telling the story of life and death and our relationship to the nature itself, of its importance to us… Ceramic art by Clare Mahoney, artist engaged on the project.

Beacon Lane development

The proposal is to replace a semi-derelict roadside house with a more appropriately located terrace of four homes as well as to replace fully derelict sheds belonging to a long gone market garden with equivalent sized new homes.